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Erick Aybar taken to hospital for choking on a chicken bone, internet responds as you would expect

Erick Aybar had to be taken to a hospital for an odd procedure....internet hilarity and digs ensued

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

First, lets get the important stuff out of the way. During lunch on Thursday, Erick Aybar had a very real health scare, but appears to be ok.

Based on the timing of the tweets and the general tone, it appears that Aybar will be okay for what was a very legitimate and scary thing to have happen. We wish Erick an quick and easy recovery.

In terms of baseball news, Aybar was in the lineup for the game tonight but I would put his chances at around 0% to make an appearance given that he had to be sedated to removed the obstructive poultry remnant.

Given that he is going to be okay as far as we know, its easy to make light of the situation as its a very odd injury/incident involving a player who has been among the absolute worst in major league baseball this season. The internet, in particular Twitter, knew it was its time to shine. Here are some gems from the Twitterverse.

Some even folded in the flub where Fredi Gonzalez sorta found out about his firing

While others were not so subtle digs at how bad Aybar has been this season or were just generally hilarious.

Here's to you, internet. The most important thing is that Aybar is okay, but Braves Twitter did not disappoint when it came to making light of the situation. Keep being you, guys....keep being you.

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