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2016 MLB Draft Day Three Recap and some notes on the Braves draft overall

We take a quick glance look at each of the Braves’ day three picks as well as make some general observations about the Braves’ draft overall.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This is not going to be a completely comprehensive review of the Braves draft in 2016 because we won’t know enough until after the signing deadline. While there is every reason to be optimistic that the Braves will sign all of the top guys, how much they sign for and how it effects signings further down the pick order will be relevant. However, before we take a quick look at each of the Braves’ picks on day three of the draft, a few quick notes on the draft as a whole.

  • The Braves used their first 3 selections on high school talent, but they only selected 12 high school players in the the draft overall. In 2015, the Braves selected 17 high schoolers including their last nine picks in the draft.
  • The Braves were busy on the junior college circuit as they drafted 11 junior college players, the first of which was Ramon Osuna in the 14th round. The Braves drafted 7 JuCo players in 2015 including Jonathan Morales, Chase-Johnson Mullins, and Justin Ellison.
  • The Braves drafted 24 pitchers in the 2016 draft, which is exactly the same number they chose in the 2015 draft.

More to come on the whole draft, but here is a look at all of the players that the Braves took on day three for a quick introduction.

Round 11 - Matt Rowland - RHP - Pope High School

6’3 projectable frame with a fastball that sits in the low 90’s but can push 94-95. Has a slider that some consider average but looks plus to us. Will require a bit of money to sign but shouldn’t break the bank as the Braves spread their money around.

Round 12 - Brandon White - RHP - Lander University

Reliever in all likelihood but throws hard. Has a sharp slider but seems to be limited to two pitches. Could move quickly.

Round 13 - Brandon White - RHP - Davenport University

Another 6’3 righty, but this time from the college ranks. Struck out 64 in 61 innings while walking just 12 batters.

Round 14 - Ramon Osuna - 1B - Walters State CC

Junior college masher who was the MVP of the JuCo World Series and among the best JuCo bats available in the draft. First base likely, but left field not out of the realm of possibility either.

Round 15 - Zach Becherer - RHP - Rend Lake College

Another probable reliever that can touch 97-98 with his fastball. 6’4 frame but given his age you can’t really call him projectable.

Round 16 - Josh Anthony - 3B - Western Oklahoma State CC

One of our favorite picks of day three (along with Rowland and Osuna). Can play C, 2B, and 3B and hits for real power. Will cost a bit to sign away from Auburn commitment, but has connection as Justin Ellison’s teammate

Round 17 - Devan Watts - RHP - Tusculum College

So many college relievers....Atlanta is clearly trying to get help to the majors quickly.

Round 18 - Zach Rice - LHP - UNC-Chapel Hill

6’2 lefty with big upside as a starter with a good fastball and slider, but UNC did not do right by him as he was overused. Will be interesting to see how the Braves manage him going forward.

Round 19 - Tucker Davidson - LHP - Midland College

Another pitcher from a small college (the Braves went deep to find their talent this year), is likely to sign despite committing to transferring to NC State.

Round 20 - Gabe Howell - 2B - Trion High School

High school picks this late are often tough signs, but it sounds like Howell could very well end up as a Brave instead of going the JuCo route in Florida. Put up video game numbers and got scouts’ attention when his team played against top draft prospect Taylor Trammell’s team.

Round 21 - Dalton Carroll - RHP - Utah

College righty with iffy stuff and inconsistent results. Generally limits free passes though...feel like the Braves took more of a flyer than usual here.

Round 22 - Alex Lee - 1B - Samford

Heath Quinn’s teammate who doesn’t have his power, but keeps the strikeouts down. Braves got several good looks at him scouting Quinn so he could do some damage in rookie ball.

Round 23 - Griffin Benson - 1B - Aledo HS

Found out he was drafted during a traffic stop (hilarious) and is also likely to sign. Braves seem intent on having Freddie Freeman’s eventual replacement in the system soon.

Round 24 - Matt Hearn - CF - Mission College

The small college scouts were busy this year and the Braves snagged a centerfielder from the JuCo ranks. Also plays in the infield and is a speed/contact sort of player.

Round 25 - Ryan O’Malley - 3B - Sonoma St. University

Bat-first third baseman that put up decent numbers as a senior at a strong school. Could end up as an organizational filler type, not likely to stick at third long term

Round 26 - Alan Crowley - C - Reedley College

Catcher who can bit a bit and, again, from a small school. Will be very interesting to see if the Braves’ renewed focus on JuCo and smaller school talent pans out.

Round 27 - Corbin Clouse - LHP - Davenport University

Another small college pick and the second the Braves took from Davenport, Clouse could theoretically return to school for his senior year. Stocky frame but struck out 75 in 50 innings.

Round 28 - Nick Shumpert - 2B - San Jacinto College North

Sounds like he is going to sign based on his Twitter, but who knows. Went in the 7th round to the Tigers last year and didn’t sign. High ceiling kid with some power....cousin of Mookie Betts.

Round 29 - Jackson Pokorney - CF - Mater Dei High School

Hard to say if he will sign, seems questionable but he sounds like he is about to ship out somewhere, so that could very well be Orlando. Mater Dei cranks out pro sports players.

Round 30 - Cameron Stanton - RHP - St. Edwards University

Son of Mike Stanton....starting to get in to the pure lineage and signability picks now.

Round 31 - Cameron Jabara - RHP - Newport Harbor High School

University of Oregon commit....basically a lock not to sign.

Round 32 - Ryan Schlosser - RHP - Century College

So many small college picks, but getting to the realm of whether they sign or transfer to a larger school. Unclear if he is related to former Brave Gus Schlosser.

Round 33 - Handsome Monica - C - Northwest Florida State

80 grade name....probably the best in the draft. Had some gaudy offensive numbers against not good competition, but could be the surprise of the draft for the Braves.

Round 34 - Jared James - LF - Cal Poly Ponoma

Struggled against better competition in college and has limited power. Mostly contact hitter, will be a cheap sign if a sign at all.

Round 35 - Michael Gizzi - RHP - State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

A former outfielder, it sounds like the Braves want to convert him in to a pitcher. Between him as well Wentz and Muller, the Braves will have some players that can hit.

Round 36 - Andres Perez - C - Pinecrest Academy

Son of Eddie Perez, unsure if he signs or if he moves on to bigger and better things A good bit taller and bigger than his dad.

Round 37 - Zac Kristofak - RHP - Walton High School

Small pitcher out of Marietta prep ranks, he is a Georgia signee and will likely stay that way.

Round 38 - Dayton Tripp - RHP - Rend Lake College

Small college reliever. Doesn’t appear to have great results so Braves must see a raw project that could be got cheaply.

Round 39 - Parker Danciu - LHP - Marshall University

A senior pick with iffy results at Marshall. 6’3 frame is fine, stuff is questionable.

Round 40 - Dylan Beasley - RHP - Rome High School

A Berry College commit, it seems like that Beasley will be pitching in college.

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