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Atlanta Braves news and links: Draft recaps, trade rumors, and an ugly rout

The draft is over, but trade rumors are continuing to swirl around the Braves. Also, the less we talk about the actual baseball game that happened on Sunday, the better.

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images


Braves get blown out by Cubs

Sunday wasn’t pretty at all for the Braves, as the Cubs decided that Saturday’s big win wasn’t enough and ended up compounding the pain for Atlanta on Sunday. Chicago ended up beating the Braves 13-2 after they got into Atlanta’s bullpen and started beating up on the likes of Casey Kelly and Chris Withrow. Interestingly enough, the Cubs committed four errors in this one (including two on one play), but the Braves were unable to capitalize on them.

Heyman lists Freeman and Teheran as possible trade candidates

The two players who could bring the Braves the most in return for a trade are also the two players who the Braves are least likely to trade: Freddie Freeman and Julio Teheran. With that being said, the Braves haven’t exactly pulled Teheran off of the market, and Freeman’s production so far this season has the Braves thinking that he may not be as untouchable as they once thought. This could get interesting.

Recap of Day 3 of the Draft

Saturday was the final day of the 2016 MLB Draft, and we had you covered with coverage of the Braves’ draft choices on Saturday. The "biggest news" is that they drafted a guy named Handsome Monica, who would’ve gone #1 overall if we were drafting based on names.

Braves finally get to play against someone "their own size"

After having to deal with teams like the Giants and Dodgers, a trip to the house of horrors that is Petco Park, and baseball’s best team in the Cubs, you can imagine that the Braves are probably extremely relieved to be playing a team like the Reds in a four-game series this week. Granted, the 2016 Braves are the 2016 Braves and they have absolutely no "gimmes" on their schedule, but they’ll at least have a fighting chance against a team that’s been struggling as well.

...This matchup is the exact opposite of the "Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object" cliche, and it's safe to assume that whichever team can overcome its deficiencies, whether it be the Reds' pitching or the Braves' hitting, will hold the upper hand. One last note for the upcoming four-game set at Turner Field: Baseball's worst team at home (7-25) is squaring off against baseball's worst road team (7-20).


Rangers beat Mariners thanks to amazing throw from Nomar Mazara

The Rangers extended their lead on the Mariners at the top of the AL West to five games thanks to their victory on Sunday, and they clinched the victory thanks to an amazing throw from Nomar Mazara. Robinson Cano hit an RBI single to make the game 6-4 with two outs in the ninth, but decided to challenge Mazara’s arm when the ball rolled into the right field corner. That wasn’t a wise decision on Cano's part, as you’ll see below.

Max Kepler’s first career homer is a walk-off homer for Twins vs. Red Sox

Hey look, there’s some good news coming out of Minnesota! The Twins have been going through struggles similar to that of the Braves this season, but they actually had a happy moment on Sunday. Max Kepler went into this game with 0 career home runs, but he left it with one, and it ended up coming at the most opportune time possible for the Twins.

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