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Braves trade rumors: Coppolella says “We are not trading Julio Teheran.”

In an interview with the AJC, John Coppolella was very blunt in letting baseball know where he stood when it came to possibly trading Julio Teheran.

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There has been plenty of speculation concerning Julio Teheran and trade rumors, and most of those rumors have the Braves leaning towards keeping Teheran in the fold for the foreseeable future. The high asking price for Teheran has been the main thing that’s keeping him in a Braves uniform, but there’s also the idea that the Braves figure that they’ll be good again while Teheran is still under contract.

That probably explains why GM John Coppolella (in an interview with AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley) has bluntly proclaimed that Julio Teheran is officially in “Freddie Freeman” territory with the Braves, which means that he won’t be traded. As a matter of fact, Bradley straight-up asked Coppolella if Teheran would be traded, and Coppolella plainly said “No, we aren’t trading Julio.”

This is a step further from the statement that Coppolella made earlier this season when he declared that the Braves were finished with trading players of Teheran’s ilk for prospects and that if Teheran would be traded, it would be for major league talent instead. That at least left the door open for potential trade talks, but this may shut the door on those talks.

With that being said, I still think that if a potential contender gets desperate for starting pitching and decides to overpay, then the Braves are probably still going to listen to those particular offers. Even though Julio Teheran has been having a lovely bounce-back season this year (2.96 ERA, 3.91 FIP, 1.7 fWAR through 18 starts), is on an extremely team-friendly contract and could still keep this performance up by the time the Braves hope to be good again, the return in a potential trade of Teheran could be massive when you consider the market for starting pitching at the moment. Still, when it comes to Teheran, the Braves hold all the power in this situation and Coppolella has made his position and asking price (if there is one anymore) very clear.

Either way, it appears that Julio Teheran will be staying with the Braves past this upcoming trade deadline, and that goes to show just how important Teheran is to the Braves — not only in the present-day, but in their future plans as well.

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