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Keith Law ranks Braves farm system No. 1 in his midseason system rankings

The list of accolades that the Braves’ farm system has received continues to grow

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves farm system has gotten nearly endless accolades and praise this season. Between the wealth of talent in the system and and the exciting young players that the Braves have acquired in the 2016 draft including Ian Anderson, Joey Wentz, and Kyle Muller plus high-end IFA signings, in particular phenom Kevin Maitan, the Braves farm system garners among the most praise and attention in baseball.

As a result, its no surprise that when the inevitable farm system rankings start rolling out that the Braves would feature prominently and Keith Law’s midseason rankings are no exception.

The post is for insiders (please do not copy and paste content from behind paywalls in the comments please), but the gist is that the system that KLaw already thought was the best in baseball got even more high-end pitching talent plus the acquisition of Maitan who he mentions comps to a young Miguel Cabrera.

Law does go on to say that while the Braves system lacks a true impact bat as of right now, the sheer amount of pitching talent in the system is noted as being almost guaranteed trade currency for the Braves to go get whatever they need in the near future.

As the farm system rankings continue to pop up from here on out, expect the Braves to feature prominently as the system is among the most exciting in baseball, almost certainly the deepest, and in this case the best.

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