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Let’s meet Kevin Maitan

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Braves sign #1 international prospect

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As you all know the Braves have signed the #1 international prospect Kevin Maitan. Maitan is considered the top offensive threat in this years international signing period.

Maitan has been the belle of the ball for quite some time and he has stayed there for years which is quite the impressive feat. At $4.25M he gets the biggest signing bonus ever for a Braves pick, crushing the previous record set just last year which was for Derian Cruz at $2M.

A switch hitting shortstop, Maitan is expected to hit for both average and power from both sides of the plate. He’s been said to be able to stay at short despite his growing frame though it appears his future may be at third.

His offensive repertoire is quite special with some impressive scouting grades being thrown at him. MLB Pipeline currently has Maitan graded with a 60 hit, 60 power, and 70 arm. He’s considered the best international prospect since Miguel Sano, and with his ability to hit from both sides of the plate he’s often compared to Chipper Jones. Another comp we have seen for Maitan is a potential Miguel Cabrera with less power - as in he will hit for average and have 20-25 homerun potential however with above average defense.

Here is a great scouting report from Ben Badler of Baseball America:

The Braves very own Kiley McDaniel wrote about him in 2014 when Kevin was just 14:

As for when we will get an opportunity to see him in action it won’t be for a while. These contracts are for 2017 but he will likely be playing in the Braves academy before his debut in 2017 which will more than likely be in the Gulf Coast League.

Until then you can enjoy this video of Maitan