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Braves to call up top prospect Dansby Swanson on Wednesday

The Braves have decided its time....Dansby Swanson is about to be an Atlanta Braves

Dansby Swanson
It is time
Garrett Spain

With the trade of Erick Aybar earlier today, there was a lot of speculation as to what the next roster moves were going to be. With a need for SOMEONE to play shortstop, options included Jace Peterson, Chase d’Arnaud, Gordon Beckham, the newly acquired Mike Aviles, or any number of short term moves to fill the vacancy.

The more exciting one, of course, would be to call up one of the Braves’ best prospects to start to usher in the next wave of talent to the major league club....

....and thats exactly what the Braves did.

To get a few things out of the way. Yes, Dansby will be in the lineup tomorrow as the starting shortstop (where exactly in the lineup has yet to be determined). No, Ozzie Albies will not be called up as well which has made no small number of fans sad.

Dansby, the #1 overall pick in the 2015 by the Arizona Diamondbacks, one of, if not THE, top prospects in the Braves farm system and a top 10 prospect in all of baseball by most accounts. After being one of the players acquired in the Shelby Miller trade, Dansby has slashed .275/.362/.426 across two levels of the minors while hitting 9 homers, driving in 55 runs, and scoring 68 runs.

We will have a more comprehensive look at Dansby a little later, but for now for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple gifs that our own Gaurav Vedak put together.

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