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Braves among teams to attend Tim Tebow’s workout

Oh yes, Tim Tebow is a thing that could happen

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Michigan State vs Alabama Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Tim Tebow and his handlers announced that he was going to pursue a career as a professional baseball player, the declaration was met with no small amount of derision. Tebow hadn’t played baseball at all since high school and wasn’t a highly touted prospect even then (primarily because football was his focus).

However, after some video of Tebow taking some swings and some batting practice, there was a small increase in interest in what the 29 year old ex-quarterback had to offer. Tebow set up a workout on August 30th in Los Angeles and thus far 20 teams will have some sort of representation there.

Including the Braves.

Let’s ignore the fact, for a moment, that the chances of Tebow even being a serviceable minor leaguer are slim to none given his lack of experience, training, and coaching. The Braves are going to look at a guy who does have athletic ability, lots of other teams are going to do the same, and while Tebow’s star isn’t the same as it was...he remains extremely marketable to a lot of people, especially in the southeast given Tebow’s history at the University of Florida.

As for the likelihood a Tebow signing happens, its very small. It’s borderline insulting that anyone, regardless of level of fitness, can decide that they can just BECOME a professional baseball player after not putting any time into that pursuit for at least 10 years. The likelihood this turns in to anything other than a publicity stunt is very low, but it’s certainly a novel thing to keep an eye on as we go in to the final month of the season.

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