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Hector Olivera found guilty of assault, gets ten days jail time

Hector Olivera was found guilty, Braves fans just want to forget he was ever a Brave

MLB: Spring Training-Atlanta Braves at Toronto Blue Jays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Olivera’s tenure with the Atlanta Braves is among the most disappointing ones in recent memory. Not only was he a disappointment on the field, which while tough is acceptable given that this is a GAME we follow so closely, but his domestic violence arrest earlier this year put front and center that he was also potentially a disappointment at best as a human being.

After he was suspended for most of the season, the Braves sent Olivera to the Padres in exchange for Matt Kemp more or less and Olivera was immediately DFAed while he awaited trial for the charges against him. That trial ended today.

The case went to a bench trial and the judge found him guilty, which is obviously a good thing if he did what he was accused of. The downside is that he got a 90 day jail sentence with 80 of those days being suspended. That means he will spend a total of ten days in jail...which is less than ideal, but speaks to how seriously assault and domestic violence is taken in this day and age by the criminal justice system, especially among the affluent.

There is a strong likelihood that Olivera is going to be appealing his conviction, but we will likely know more soon. Regardless, he is the criminal justice system’s problem now and no longer the Braves’.

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