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Road to Atlanta, Ep. 5: Reviewing and Previewing the Rome Braves with David Lee

In this week’s episode, we are joining by the Augusta Chronicle’s and Baseball Prospectus’ David Lee where we talk all things Rome Braves

Ray-Patrick Didder
This is Ray-Patrick Didder...we talked about him, his speed, and uncanny ability to get hit by pitches
Garrett Spain

The Road to Atlanta is a podcast devoted solely to the Braves farm system and Braves prospects. Each week, Garrett Spain, Gaurav Vedak, and myself dig into the farm system and provide in-depth looks into the players therein.

In this week’s episode, David Lee from the Augusta Chronicle and Baseball Prospectus joined us to talk about all things Rome Braves. The 2016 Rome Braves was one of the most talented teams in terms of prospects in recent memory and we geeked out about some of our favorites (which includes plenty of preaching the gospel of Ronald Acuna).

We did go over the top 100 prospect lists that came out from MLB Pipeline and Keith Law this past week, but it is likely that we will devote a show to those lists once Baseball America’s list comes out on February 9th. We talked about some of our favorite stories and performances from the 2016 Rome Braves and we led into a discussion of who we expect to see in Rome in 2017 including some of the better players from the 2016 draft. Spoilers: it is possible that the 2017 Rome Braves could be just as exciting as the 2016 version. Also, we have a brand new intro for the show that we are super excited about. If you can, give us a like on Soundcloud and subscribe to the show and give us a 5-star review on iTunes. It helps a TON in helping us grow the podcast. Enjoy the show!

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