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Atlanta Braves news: More drama could be coming with regards to investigation

Yesterday was another reminder that the Braves are far from being done with the scandal that erupted in the wake of John Coppolella’s resignation.

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Atlanta’s violations in international market described as “unprecedented”

Just when you think that the bad news about the Braves and the scandal concerning their actions in the international market was starting to abate a bit, we got even more bad news about it. According to an article from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, the Braves violations in the international market may have been to a point where it’s “unprecedented.” Also, the phrase “lack of institutional control” made an appearance in that article and if you’re a fan of college sports then you know that’s the absolute last phrase you want to read when your favorite team is involved.

Front office tumult contributed to Snitker staying on as manager

Meanwhile, it’s becoming clearer that Brian Snitker was truly the only person who was in the right place at the right time when it come to this scandal. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, Snitker’s job status was in serious jeopardy — but when John Coppolella left the position of GM to go into baseball exile, that meant that the Braves were scrambling for stability. So that meant that Snitker got to stay on in order to keep things stable. Okay then.

A look at Jose Ramirez’s 2017

We did get to cover some on-the-field stuff yesterday, though. Kris’s ongoing saga to review the entire roster continued on as he took a look at Jose Ramirez and the season he had in 2017.

Notably, his xFIP was pretty much the same between 2016 and 2017 (5.03 versus 5.00), and it was his FIP that climbed upward as his HR/FB rate was pretty average in 2017. However, you’d never tell from his ERA, which actually diverged from his FIP mightily, thanks to a high strand rate and a very low BABIP-against of just .226. That sort of run prevention, sustainable or not, led to Ramirez being used as one of the higher-leverage arms out of the bullpen in 2017, and that goes a long way in illustrating the team’s struggles.


Nats bow out in the NLDS once again

The Cubs are heading to the NLCS for another season after they managed to outlast the Nationals in a long-and-stressful Game 5. The Cubs played well and the Nats did well to stay within one run by the time to the bottom of the ninth rolled around. However, some calamitous luck befell the Nats at the extremely inopportune times in this game. Max Scherzer gave up four runs in the fifth inning via one of the most bizarre sequences you will see, and they also had a rally snuffed out in the eighth inning due to some of the tightest margins you will see on an instant replay call. It’s a rough way for Washington to bow out but I’m sure that nobody here is sympathetic.

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