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Apparently John Coppolella was not well-liked by his front office peers

While the reasons behind his resignation appear to be very specific, there are multiple reports that there are those in the league that are not among his biggest fans.

MLB: General Managers Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

News and rumors surrounding the tenure of and subsequent resignation of Braves general manager John Coppolella are running absolutely rampant right now and is hard to make sense of them all. Some are saying his resignation is tied specifically to MLB’s investigation into their international operations while others seem to speaking to a wider range of chaos.

However, there has been an emerging trend that is becoming quite clear regarding Coppolella and his reputation around the league.

The source of the league’s dislike in dealing with Coppy is somewhat puzzling and unclear. The Braves, under Coppolella and Hart, have been very active on the trade market so on the surface it is hard to discern exactly how much that dislike has impacted the Braves’ ability to interact with other teams around the league.

That said, it is entirely possible that there was either something about Coppolella’s personality that rubbed people the wrong way or that Coppy’s demands back in trades made working with him difficult. While this has certainly worked to the Braves’ benefit in the past, it is also possible that this rubbed GM’s the wrong way.

It is also possible that their dislike in dealing with Coppolella stems from how the team has operated in the free agent market in Latin America. One wonders if it is entirely possible that other teams helped to precipitate MLB’s investigation into the Braves’ international signings recently (one report had an anonymous source tipping MLB off in the first place).

Earlier today, we posted a front office approval poll. If these reports are accurate, it appears as though that we may know how opposing front office executives would have voted.

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