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Atlanta Braves news: Dayton Moore doesn’t seem likely to leave KC

Dayton Moore recently talked about the rumors linking him to the vacancy in Atlanta. It didn’t seem like he was trying to leave Kansas City.

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Dayton Moore comments on rumors that he’s moving to Atlanta

Kansas City Royals GM and former Braves front office executive Dayton Moore actually talked a little bit about the current GM vacancy here in Atlanta. As you’d expect from a GM who isn’t as candid with the media as the one who just resigned as GM of the Braves, Moore kept his cards to his vest for the most part and didn’t add to the speculation with his own words. Instead, he had this to say:

Here is Royals Review’s interpretation of the situation:

It still seems a bit curious that Dayton Moore won’t definitively rule out jumping to Atlanta, particularly with reports that having to answer to Braves Club President John Hart would be a big sticking point for Moore. But there probably shouldn’t be too much made of this - Moore made the same non-comments in 2014, when the Braves job previously opened up.

Personally, I’d say that it’s looking less and less likely that Dayton Moore is going to come here. Things could change if John Hart leaves, but for now it appears that Moore appears to be happy in Kansas City and ready to focus on what the future has for the Royals instead of the Braves.

Minor League Ball discusses the Braves organization

Meanwhile, if there’s one bright spot to keep in mind throughout this rough patch, it’s that the Braves’ minor league system is still strong. They could get dinged in that regard if the penalties are as stiff as what people are speculating they could be, but for now it’s nice to think that help for Atlanta’s major league team is definitely on the way. The crew at Minor League Ball has been having a discussion about the Braves organization and its future, and if you haven’t been taking part in that conversation then now is as good of a time to jump in.

Walk-Off Walk talks 2B prospects

Speaking of prospects, our fellow Braves bloggers over at Walk-Off Walk also have their eyes firmly planted on the future of the franchise as well. They took time yesterday to give their opinion on who they feel are the top second base prospects who are currently in Atlanta’s system. It’s definitely worth your time to check it out.


Dodgers blow out Cubs on their way to the World Series

For the first time since 1988, the Dodgers will be playing in the World Series and they made it back to the Fall Classic in emphatic fashion after thumping the Cubs 11-1 to win the NLCS in five games. Clayton Kershaw went six innings and was mostly calm throughout his time on the mound. That’s because the Dodgers gave him a seven run lead to work with, including a grand slam from Kiké Hernandez. That grand slam was Kiké’s second home run, and he added a third dinger in the ninth inning to turn the game into a complete laugher and put the icing on the cake for LA.

Detroit set to hire Ron Gardenhire as manager

The Tigers have sifted through their field of potential managerial candidates, and it appears that our old friend Fredi Gonzalez will have to look elsewhere for a job. Instead, the Tigers have decided to turn to someone who they’ve already seen plenty of as a divisional foe — former Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. It’s kind of interesting that the Tigers would go with such an experienced manager for a rebuilding project, but that’s their prerogative, I guess.

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