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Talking Chop World Series Predictions

Who you got?

Little League World Series Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The 2017 World Series gets underway tomorrow. Here is who we think will win. Let us know your pick in the comments below.

Ivan: Dodgers in seven. Being able to use/abuse Kenley Jansen is a bigger luxury and advantage than being able to do the same with Ken Giles, and the Dodgers have a bit of an edge in overall pitching depth. I’m guessing the Astros go up at some point in the series, but at a high price of using their entire pitching array too heavily, which costs them dearly as the series wears on.

Brad: Dodgers in six. Los Angeles has the better pitching staff from top to bottom and that is why they are seen as the Vegas favorite. Justin Verlander has been superhuman for Houston but, aside from that, there isn’t a ton to be afraid of on the Dodgers’ side (yes, Dallas Keuchel is good at baseball) and it isn’t as if Los Angeles doesn’t have quality bats. Houston has the better lineup but it isn’t enough for me to pick them.

Scott: Dodgers in seven. This should be one of the better World Series in recent memory. The Astros have been unbeatable (6-0) at home but have really struggled on the road (1-4) during the postseason. In the end, the Dodgers’ bullpen and home field advantage turn out to be the difference as the Dodgers win their first title in nearly 30 years.

Kyle: Astros in six. It’s pretty great that the two best teams all season long are matched up in the World Series, isn’t it? To me, it just feels like it’s the Astros’ time. Guys like Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, and even our old friends like Evan Gattis and Brian McCann have risen to the occasion this postseason. The Dodgers probably have the edge on a level playing field, but the ghost of Clayton Kershaw’s postseason woes resurfaces and Houston takes it.

Eric: Astros in seven. These teams are very evenly matched with the Dodgers having a pretty significant edge in pitching and Astros having, I think, a pretty significant edge on the offensive end. That said, I still like how Verlander and Keuchel are pitching and the Astros offense is just relentless which I think should be enough to steal a couple of games where the Astros are fielding the inferior pitcher. I won’t be surprised if the Dodgers win this, as they have been great this year and Kershaw is a man amongst boys...but this Astros team is young and absolutely loaded with talent so I give them the slight edge here.

Garrett: Astros in seven. Both of these teams are absolutely loaded with talent, but the way the Astros have been playing lately has been special. The depth of the Dodgers staff will be a tough hurdle to overcome, but the strong bats in the Astros lineup should be able to squeeze out enough runs to to get four wins. The Stros will have a chance to steal one of those first two games, especially with Verlander on the mound in Game 2, and the way they’ve played at home they should be able to take 2 of those 3 and ride back into Los Angeles needing to win only one of the final 2 games in the series.

Kris: Dodgers in seven. I’d really like to see the Astros win it but I think Los Angeles’ bullpen will ultimately be the difference. I’m really just hoping for an epic series that we won’t forget for a long time.

Mason: Astros in seven. I believe I speak for us all here at Talking Chop when I say I don't really care which team wins as long as we get a memorable series; preferably one that goes seven games like last year. With the first World Series matchup between 100-win teams since 1970, I think we’ll all be in for a treat.I understand the Astros and Dodgers are evenly matched, but I give Houston the edge due largely to the power in their lineup. Cleveland’s historic winning streak took a lot of attention away from the Astros late in the season, but they're still one of the most dominant teams I've seen in recent years. Verlander has been virtually untouchable and they haven't dropped a game at home yet this postseason. If they can steal a game in Los Angeles, I think they'll be set. While I don't have a dog in the fight, I’d love to see Gattis and McCann bring a title to Houston. Bonus prediction: Braves in 4 over the Yankees in 2018 (Not really, but a man can dream).

Demetrius: Astros in seven. I’ve actually flip-flopped a lot on this since March when I predicted over at Baseball Prospectus that this would be the World Series — but don’t pat me on the back for being smart because I also picked the Mets and Giants as Wild Card teams. I am not Nostradamus. Anyways, I picked Cleveland over at the mothership when the playoffs started, and these playoffs have taught me that I should have stuck with my gut. My brain tells me that the Dodgers are the better team and their highest level of play has been better than what Houston’s highest level has been. But still, I figure that if Houston can steal a game or two on the road then this will be their title to win. Plus if I’m being completely honest, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Astros and the way they’ve rebuilt and I want to see it pay off.


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