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Royals ownership denied Braves interview with Dayton Moore, per report

It was already unlikely that Dayton Moore would be coming back to the Atlanta Braves organization, and now this report seems to further cement that feeling as fact.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This week, we’ve heard reports and rumors that the Braves had put their search for a new General Manager on hold until MLB’s investigation of the organization came to an end. Now we know that one potential candidate in particular probably won’t even come in for an interview, and it’s because of the other team’s ownership.

According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, the Braves wanted to interview current Royals GM Dayton Moore, but Royals owner David Glass put the kibosh on that and denied Atlanta the chance to even interview Moore.

This is interesting to note because it at least confirms the rumors that the Braves were indeed interested in trying to bring Dayton Moore back into the organizational fold. It’s also a little bit strange that this news comes out after there were reports that the team’s GM search was on hold due to the investigation. It could just be that the Braves may have wanted Moore as their man to start out and now that they couldn’t get it done, they’re just putting things on hold until they know exactly what the consequences are from their actions in the international market.

Either way, it already didn’t look likely that Dayton Moore would be returning to the Braves to run the baseball side of things here and this report makes it look even less likely. Plus, Moore himself has said very little to suggest that he wants to leave, so I don’t believe that the Royals will have to worry about losing their GM as they head into an interesting phase as far as their trajectory for winning is concerned.

Meanwhile, there was an interesting tidbit that was buried within the Dayton Moore news (emphasis is my own):

The investigation has since branched out to include alleged violations in the MLB first-year player draft, according to sources, and MLB officials have questioned Braves president of baseball operations John Hart about his potential involvement.

Granted, when this story first broke there were rumors that there were improprieties with a certain draft pick, but those were simply rumors. Now there appears to be a little bit of smoke emanating from what could be a pretty big fire.

It certainly seems like whoever the Braves decide to fill the vacancy with may have to deal with the fallout of some serious punishment if these rumors concerning the investigation turns out to be true. It also seems like Dayton Moore will not be the executive who has to deal with all of that.

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