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Braves considering Alex Anthopoulos and Jim Hendry for front office

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Just because Dayton Moore appears to be at the top of their wish list doesn’t mean that the Braves aren’t looking at other candidates

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The courtship of Dayton Moore by the Braves is no secret at this point. After a period where Moore and the Braves were connected by a lot of rumors but little else, the Braves did ask the Royals for permission to interview Moore for their vacant GM position but were rebuffed by Royals ownership. However, recent reports indicate that that does not mean that the Braves are out of the running for Moore for either general manager or president of baseball operations (assuming John Hart does not return for one reason or another next season) as the Royals could simply be angling for some sort of compensation in exchange for the Braves signing Moore away from the team.

However, just because Dayton Moore is the clearly the top target for the Braves does not mean that they are not looking around at other options.

Both Jim Hendry and Alex Anthopoulos are interesting candidates as both could be considered qualified to be general manager or president of baseball ops and as of this moment, it is unclear as to the Braves thinking regarding what role they would fill.

Alex Anthopoulos had a up and down tenure as general manager of the Blue Jays that saw him both significantly expand the size of the Jays’ scouting department as well as fairly consistently wheeling and dealing on the trade market. After a somewhat acrimonious departure from the Jays, Anthopoulos has served as vice-president of baseball operations for the Dodgers since early 2016. It seems likely that he would want autonomy over baseball decisions, so he would probably want to be in John Hart’s position and not simply another GM position.

Jim Hendry was formerly the general manager of the Chicago Cubs after a lengthy stint in player development for the club. After being let go by the Cubs in 2011, he joined the Yankees’ front office in 2012 as a special assistant to Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman.