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Sean Rodriguez talks to media about car crash, says he is ‘grateful’

The car crash that caused a season-threatening injury to Sean Rodriguez was the topic of conversation when he talked to media at Spring Training Sunday

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When the Braves signed Sean Rodriguez this offseason, he appeared to be in line for a ton of at-bats while providing a sort of super utility presence on the Braves roster. After a strong season for the Pirates, many Braves fans saw him as a solution to some of the problems the team had in the infield in terms of consistency.

Unfortunately, real life gave us a reminder that all things are fleeting and that there are certainly more important things than just playing 162 games in a baseball season.

In late January, a driver who had stolen a police cruiser T-boned Rodriguez, his wife, and two of his children. The driver was killed in the crash and the entire Rodriguez sustained injuries (although Sean’s shoulder injury wasn’t fully known until some time later and ultimately required surgery).

Despite his injury, Rodriguez made his way down to Spring Training, arm in sling, and spoke to the media about the crash.

It is great to hear that Rodriguez’s family in on the mend and, at the end of the day, that is by far the most important thing. They all appear to be well on the road to recovery and we wish them the best as they try to get over what was clearly a very traumatic moment in their lives.

Rodriguez also gave us a better understanding of the extent of his injury as well as his mindset going into his recovery.

It still appears that having Rodriguez play this season is still very much in jeopardy, but it looks like Rodriguez will be chomping at the bit to get back out on the field and that nothing is completely off the table yet.

As the season progresses (along with Sean’s rehab), hopefully we will get a better sense of a timetable for his return, but as of now...the most important thing is that Rodriguez and his family are alive and well. That is far more important than any roster considerations at this point. We will keep you updated as this story develops.

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