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Foam Braves tomahawks littered 1-75, still the quickest route into Atlanta

Getting to Atlanta earlier today was made a whole lot tricker

St. Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves
Picture this tomahawk multiplied by about 1,000 and then picture them all over a major highway.
Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

The traffic around Atlanta has now officially jumped the shark and turned into high comedy.

First, the addition of SunTrust Park cause many worries about traffic on the west and north side of the perimeter. Some of these worries ended up being perfectly justified given all of the resulting construction in the area combined with the normal congestion in the area given that the roads and transportation system in Atlanta were seemingly constructed by the Joker....”some men just want to watch the world burn”.

Then, in what could have not been foreseen, a fire was set under 1-85 which spread to construction materials that had inexplicably stored under the major highway which resulted in a section of a major interstate melting. The estimated date for the road to be repaired is in mid-June....color me skeptical. This has led to even more congestion on the perimeter and side streets than normal.

IF that wasn’t enough, this happened.

That is right....foam tomahawks (likely on their way to SunTrust for the opening series) were strewn about a major highway that goes into Atlanta, blocking two lanes for around an hour.

The fortunate news is that it sounds like some boxes just fell off a truck and there weren’t any injuries (from a wreck or from the wrath of a bunch of foam tomahawks). That said...there is probably no more ironic and/or appropriate thing to happen to Atlanta traffic days before the Braves open SunTrust Park. Here are some funny reactions from Twitter.

The Braves will finally get their home opener at SunTrust Park Friday evening. When they are passing out foam tomahawks to fans, keep an eye out for special edition ones that have a little gravel on them or maybe a tire track. Those are mementos you can pass down for generations and you can tell you grandkids about the spring of 2017 when Atlanta traffic stood still(er).

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