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Welcome to Talking Chop!

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Welcome to Talking Chop! Here is an overview of the ins and outs of the site:


Site Manager: Kris Willis (@Kris_Willis)

Editors: Eric Cole (@leprekhan), Demetrius Bell (@fergoe), Brad Rowland (@BTRowland), Ivan the Great, Matt Powers (@MattPowers31, Dillon Cloud (@DillonCloud) and Scott Coleman (@scottcoleman55)

Staff Writers: Wayne Cavadi (@UofDWayne), ABsinceWayBack, Shawn Coleman (@StatsSAC), Doc Herbert (@BravesHerbert), Sparhawk (@aahuston), Sam Meredith (@SamTheMan180), Garrett Spain (@BravesMILB), Anthony Traurig (@anthonytraurig), JDunnah (@JDunnah), Brent Blackwell (@brentblackwell), Daniel Hutchinson-Kausch (@bravesdaniel), Cory McCartney (@coryjmccartney), Darryl Palmer (@Darryl_Palmer4) and Gaurav Vedak (@gvedak)


You can find a copy of our Community Guidelines here but the overriding theme is to treat others with respect.


Please email us your thoughts at

Talking Chop Podcast

Brad Rowland hosts the Talking Chop Podcast each week with a variety of guests. New episodes are usually recorded on Sunday night. Feel free to send us questions for the podcast either via twitter (@TalkingChop, @BTRowland) or at

Talking Chop Podcast on SoundCloud

Talking Chop Podcast on iTunes


Use the “rec” or “flag” buttons for comments as you see fit.

If you like a particular comment, let that person know by recommending it. A comment getting four or more “recs” will turn blue, and stand out among the rest on the page.

Conversely, if you feel a comment is out of line, you can also flag the comment as inappropriate, which will alert the moderators. Again, you can view our Community Guidelines here.

Generally, the conversations tend to move along to whatever the newest post is, so the best way to keep up with the current conversation is to go into the comments section of the newest post. But you can always go back to older posts to continue a conversation as needed. When you are logged in, the top right corner will tell you how many total comments and how many comments there are that are new to you, if any.

Get involved

Whether it is by wading or diving into the waters of our comments, or by expressing your opinion through a FanPost or sharing something through a FanShot, we want to hear from you.

Again, thanks for joining us.

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