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Scouting Kevin Maitan at Braves extended spring training

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Checking in on one of the Braves most interesting prospects.

Kevin Maitan
Jeff Jones

I’ve seen the prize of last year’s International signing period four times now and figured it was time to do an extended scouting report on Kevin Maitan from what I’ve seen so far.

The first time I saw him was back during Instructionals in September and he impressed me at shortstop. I had read all about how big he was and while he is a huge specimen he moves surprisingly well at short. sliding to his left and right with excellent footwork and a plus arm. I’ve also seen him go back on balls over both shoulders into the outfield and make good plays on pop ups. Even if he doesn’t stick there just simply because he out grows the position, for a young unpolished 17 year old that just came from Venezuela he has some shine on his glove and arm. .

I have seen him hit more than field as he’s been the designated hitter at two of the games I’ve been to and I’ve yet to see him strike out as he has an extremely advanced hit tool for someone at this level. Even when he misses on a pitch or is fooled he has the ability to sit back on a pitch and put it in play. Just watch.

Here he goes the other way to drive in a run. Later in that same game he smacks one to the right side to score a runner from third base. He’s a switch hitter but he flashes more power from the left side at least in the 10-12 at bats I’ve caught. Here’s a ball he hit 400 feet to dead center at the Tigers’ backfields where dead center is 420’ feet away.

Doesn’t even look like he is trying, he makes it all look this smooth really. The Braves always mention good character and makeup when mentioning all their top prospects and Maitan appears to be one of those guys as he’s always bouncing around talking to his teammates and warming them in up between innings when he is not playing in the field. It’s obviously very early in his career but if he tears it up in GCL it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in Rome in August and on the fast track a la Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna.