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Braves stand pat at trade deadline

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A lot of rumors but a dud of a deadline.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago it looked like it might be an interesting trade deadline for the Atlanta Braves. However, it came and went on Monday without so much as a whimper.

There was talk early on of them keeping in contact with Oakland in regards to Sonny Gray but that seemed to fizzle as the day pressed on. Gray eventually was dealt to the Yankees for three prospects with the Braves seemingly backing away as the price stayed high.

Atlanta has been active in a lot of discussions this season but have been reluctant to make a big move at the expense of their farm system. That is most likely the appropriate move as the team flirted the .500 mark a couple of weeks ago but have sense dropped five straight and 8 of 9 to fall to 48-56 on the season.

While the deadline has passed, the Braves could still could be active between now and the waiver deadline on August 31.

While the return likely won’t be substantial, Atlanta could look to move veterans like Brandon Phillips and Jim Johnson.

Cincinnati is paying the majority of Phillips’ salary for this season and the Braves reportedly shopped him at the deadline. Ozzie Albies has had a good season at Triple-A and could be in line for a call up at some point this season.

Johnson was another name that was available at the deadline. He has struggled of late but could be of use to someone down the stretch.

It wasn’t the big news deadline that a lot of fans were wanting but the Braves chose to stick to the plan and to not overpay for any future assets. Time will tell whether or not that was the correct decision.