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Atlanta Braves, MLB unveil Players Weekend uniforms with special nicknames

For their weekend series against the Colorado Rockies on August 25-27, the Braves will be wearing special, colorful uniforms with some wacky nicknames on the back. Fun!

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Later this month, MLB is going to have yet another weekend where the entire league dons wacky uniforms for a special occasion. However, they aren’t doing it for a holiday or anything like that — instead they’re doing it for the sake of fun and allowing the players to show off their personality and individuality. MLB has dubbed the weekend of August 25-27 as Players Weekend, and every team will be wearing special uniforms that include some extremely bold colors and nicknames on the back of each jersey.

As far as Best Nickname goes, I think that everybody’s playing for second place to Kyle “Corey’s Brother” Seager. But here’s what the Braves will be looking like for that particular weekend.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Tomahawk hats (I prefer the lower-case “a” hats and I feel they would’ve looked a lot better), but I can definitely still see this being a popular hat. I’ve got no complaints about the jerseys, either. They’re nice and colorful and definitely a fun change of pace.

With that being said, you’re probably here for the nicknames and I’ve got some observations:

  • Freddie Freeman went with “Freddie” because of course he just went with “Freddie.”
  • No shock that Brandon Phillips went with “Dat Dude” on the back of his jersey. Well done.
  • Lane Adams going with the twitter handle on the back of his jersey? Those crazy millennials are at it again!
  • “La Maravilla” roughly translates to “The Wonder,” so I’ll be referring to Adonis Garcia as such for the rest of time.
  • Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki would be the best catcher in baseball if they fused together and formed as one, so naturally it makes sense that they both had the same idea of shortening their last names for their nicknames.
  • Ian Krol was one “o” away from exposing himself as baseball’s biggest Donkey Kong Country nerd.
  • Not pictured: Dansby Swanson going with “Dans” and Rio Ruiz going with “Big River,” which is beautiful.

Finally, the most unique nickname here goes to, of all people, Nick Markakis. At first glance, you figure that “TTT” makes no sense whatsoever. However, there’s a reason for this — all three of his kids’ names start with the letter “T,” so Markakis decided to dedicate that space to his kids. Congratulations to his kids, who will be the coolest kids at their local school thanks to this move.

Anyways, what do you all think of the jerseys? Which one of the Braves came up with your favorite nickname?

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