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The Braves add two high profile executives to the front office, per report

The Braves front office has gotten a bit of attention of late. It looks like there are at least a couple of changes to their organizational structure happening with the moves today.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves front office has been relatively front and center since John Hart and John Coppolella took the reins. From the start of the rebuild that saw the team go into sell mode and putting the organization’s strategy front and center to, more recently, rumors of a power struggle as to who is actually running the show for the Braves, each move that is made in the Braves front office is scrutinized by the fans and the media.

The moves from today are not likely to end that trend.

Before we look at the bigger picture, it is worth looking at who the Braves have added first. Adam Fisher was the director of baseball operations for the Mets who has a background both in scouting as well as analytics and will seemingly work closely with John Coppolella if the title of assistant general manager is any indication.

Perry Minasian was formerly the pro scouting director for the Blue Jays before getting the title of special assistant to the Blue Jays’ general manager after the Blue Jays restructured their front office and scouting departments in 2016. He will serve as director of player personnel for the Braves which currently does not have such a position listed in their front office.

In a broader sense, it does appear as though the Braves are doing a fair bit of reorganization internally. In addition to the moves that the Braves’ made as reported in Rosenthal’s piece, it is hard to make sense of exactly who is going to be responsible for what or if these moves portend any personnel leaving the organization. What remains true is that until this all shakes out, there is still a little bit of palace intrigue about the Braves’ front office that still appears to be shaking out.

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