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Braves 2018 schedule released

A look ahead to the regular season schedule for the Braves in 2018.

News: Hurricane Irma Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you just about ready to slam the book on 2017 — good news! The 2018 Atlanta Braves regular season schedule is out.

You can view the schedule in the usual calendar format here.

Here are various highlights:

  • Opening Day: March 29, at home, against the Phillies. The Braves didn’t start their first season at SunTrust Park at home, but that will change next season. They’ll play host to the Phillies for a three-game set, with a rare Sunday off-day at the conclusion of the series, in lieu of the interruption between the season’s first and second games, as has become standard in past years. This, weirdly, means no scheduled game on April 1.

  • Opening up Coors Field for 2018: April 6. The Braves will help the Rockies open another season at Coors Field as their first road game. Will it be a blizzard once again?

  • Interleague matchups. At Tampa Bay (May, two games), at Boston (May, three games, I will be attending), at Toronto (June, two games), versus the Orioles (June, three games), at New York (July, three games, including the 4th of July), versus the Blue Jays (July, two games), versus the Rays (August, two games), and versus the Red Sox (September, three games).

  • Shortened West Coast road trips. The Braves will play the Padres and Dodgers in California in early June, and then the Diamondbacks and Giants in early September.

  • Lots of Phillies early. The Braves play the Phillies nine times before April ends. And then, the Braves also end the season against the Phillies in Philadelphia, on September 30.

  • Possibly brutal road trip. The Braves play three in St. Louis, three against the Yankees in New York, and then four against the Brewers in Milwaukee, with no breaks in between.

  • September division drama. After September 14, the Braves play only one series against a non-division foe (the Cardinals). The last home game for the Braves will be September 23, also against the Phillies.

Beyond that, nothing looks particularly out of the ordinary. There are no egregiously long road trips or homestands, and the schedule generally features a pretty standard road trips and homestands of a couple of series in length each, with some three-series homestands mixed in. There is only one case where the Braves have a one-series homestand (hosting the Giants in May), or a one-series road trip (two in Toronto in June).

The schedule is road-skewed in the first half, as the Braves play three more contests away from Atlanta than they do at home before the All-Star Break, and make up for it in the season’s second half.

Tickets go on sale this Friday.

2018 Atlanta Braves Schedule

Date Opponent Time TV Radio
Date Opponent Time TV Radio
Thursday, March 29 vs Philadelphia
Friday, March 30 vs Philadelphia
Saturday, March 31 vs Philadelphia
Sunday, April 1 OPEN DATE
Monday, April 2 vs Washington
Tuesday, April 3 vs Washington
Wednesday, April 4 vs Washington
Thursday, April 5 OPEN DATE
Friday, April 6 at Colorado
Saturday, April 7 at Colorado
Sunday, April 8 at Colorado
Monday, April 9 at Washington
Tuesday, April 10 at Washington
Wednesday, April 11 at Washington
Thursday, April 12 OPEN DATE
Friday, April 13 at Chicago Cubs
Saturday, April 14 at Chicago Cubs
Sunday, April 15 at Chicago Cubs
Monday, April 16 vs Philadelphia
Tuesday, April 17 vs Philadelphia
Wednesday, April 18 vs Philadelphia
Thursday, April 19 vs New York Mets
Friday, April 20 vs New York Mets
Saturday, April 21 vs New York Mets
Sunday, April 22 vs New York Mets
Monday, April 23 at Cincinnati
Tuesday, April 24 at Cincinnati
Wednesday, April 25 at Cincinnati
Thursday, April 26 at Cincinnati
Friday, April 27 at Philadelphia
Saturday, April 28 at Philadelphia
Sunday, April 29 at Philadelphia
Monday, April 30 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, May 1 at New York Mets
Wednesday, May 2 at New York Mets
Thursday, May 3 at New York Mets
Friday, May 4 vs San Francisco
Saturday, May 5 vs San Francisco
Sunday, May 6 vs San Francisco
Monday, May 7 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, May 8 at Tampa Bay
Wednesday, May 9 at Tampa Bay
Thursday, May 10 at Miami
Friday, May 11 at Miami
Saturday, May 12 at Miami
Sunday, May 13 at Miami
Monday, May 14 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, May 15 vs Chicago Cubs
Wednesday, May 16 vs Chicago Cubs
Thursday, May 17 vs Chicago Cubs
Friday, May 18 vs Miami
Saturday, May 19 vs Miami
Sunday, May 20 vs Miami
Monday, May 21 at Philadelphia
Tuesday, May 22 at Philadelphia
Wednesday, May 23 at Philadelphia
Thursday, May 24 OPEN DATE
Friday, May 25 at Boston
Saturday, May 26 at Boston
Sunday, May 27 at Boston
Monday, May 28 vs New York Mets
Tuesday, May 29 vs New York Mets
Wednesday, May 30 vs New York Mets
Thursday, May 31 vs Washington
Friday, June 1 vs Washington
Saturday, June 2 vs Washington
Sunday, June 3 vs Washington
Monday, June 4 at San Diego
Tuesday, June 5 at San Diego
Wednesday, June 6 at San Diego
Thursday, June 7 OPEN DATE
Friday, June 8 at Los Angeles
Saturday, June 9 at Los Angeles
Sunday, June 10 at Los Angeles
Monday, June 11 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, June 12 vs New York Mets
Wednesday, June 13 vs New York Mets
Thursday, June 14 vs San Diego
Friday, June 15 vs San Diego
Saturday, June 16 vs San Diego
Sunday, June 17 vs San Diego
Monday, June 18 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, June 19 at Toronto
Wednesday, June 20 at Toronto
Thursday, June 21 OPEN DATE
Friday, June 22 vs Baltimore
Saturday, June 23 vs Baltimore
Sunday, June 24 vs Baltimore
Monday, June 25 vs Cincinnati
Tuesday, June 26 vs Cincinnati
Wednesday, June 27 vs Cincinnati
Thursday, June 28 OPEN DATE
Friday, June 29 at St. Louis
Saturday, June 30 at St. Louis
Sunday, July 1 at St. Louis
Monday, July 2 at New York Yankees
Tuesday, July 3 at New York Yankees
Wednesday July 4 at New York Yankees
Thursday, July 5 at Milwaukee
Friday, July 6 at Milwaukee
Saturday, July 7 at Milwaukee
Sunday, July 8 at Milwaukee
Monday, July 9 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, July 10 vs Toronto
Wednesday, July 11 vs Toronto
Thursday, July 12 OPEN DATE
Friday, July 13 vs Arizona
Saturday, July 14 vs Arizona
Sunday, July 15 vs Arizona
Monday, July 16 ALL-STAR BREAK
Tuesday, July 17 89th MLB All-Star Game
Wednesday, July 18 ALL-STAR BREAK
Thursday, July 19 ALL-STAR BREAK
Friday, July 20 at Washington
Saturday, July 21 at Washington
Sunday, July 22 at Washington
Monday, July 23 at Miami
Tuesday, July 24 at Miami
Wednesday, July 25 OPEN DATE
Thursday, July 26 vs Los Angeles
Friday, July 27 vs Los Angeles
Saturday, July 28 vs Los Angeles
Sunday, July 29 vs Los Angeles
Monday, July 30 vs Miami
Tuesday, July 31 vs Miami
Wednesday, August 1 vs Miami
Thursday, August 2 at New York Mets
Friday, August 3 at New York Mets
Saturday, August 4 at New York Mets
Sunday, August 5 at New York Mets
Monday, August 6 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, August 7 at Washington
Wednesday, August 8 at Washington
Thursday, August 9 at Washington
Friday, August 10 vs Milwaukee
Saturday, August 11 vs Milwaukee
Sunday, August 12 vs Milwaukee
Monday, August 13 vs Miami
Tuesday, August 14 vs Miami
Wednesday, August 15 vs Miami
Thursday, August 16 vs Colorado
Friday, August 17 vs Colorado
Saturday, August 18 vs Colorado
Sunday, August 19 vs Colorado
Monday, August 20 at Pittsburgh
Tuesday, August 21 at Pittsburgh
Wednesday, August 22 at Pittsburgh
Thursday, August 23 at Miami
Friday, August 24 at Miami
Saturday, August 25 at Miami
Sunday, August 26 at Miami
Monday, August 27 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, August 28 vs Tampa Bay
Wednesday, August 29 vs Tampa Bay
Thursday, August 30 OPEN DATE
Friday, August 31 vs Pittsburgh
Saturday, September 1 vs Pittsburgh
Sunday, September 2 vs Pittsburgh
Monday, September 3 vs Boston
Tuesday, September 4 vs Boston
Wednesday, September 5 vs Boston
Thursday, September 6 at Arizona
Friday, September 7 at Arizona
Saturday, September 8 at Arizona
Sunday, September 9 at Arizona
Monday, September 10 at San Francisco
Tuesday, September 11 at San Francisco
Wednesday, September 12 at San Francisco
Thursday, September 13 OPEN DATE
Friday, September 14 vs Washington
Saturday, September 15 vs Washington
Sunday, September 16 vs Washington
Monday, September 17 vs St. Louis
Tuesday, September 18 vs St. Louis
Wednesday, September 19 vs St. Louis
Thursday, September 20 vs Philadelphia
Friday, September 21 vs Philadelphia
Saturday, September 22 vs Philadelphia
Sunday, September 23 vs Philadelphia
Monday, September 24 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, September 25 at New York Mets
Wednesday, September 26 at New York Mets
Thursday, September 27 at New York Mets
Friday, September 28 at Philadelphia
Saturday, September 29 at Philadelphia
Sunday, September 30 at Philadelphia

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