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Atlanta Braves pitcher R.A. Dickey may have hinted at retirement

It’s not definitive, but it’s worth monitoring

Texas Rangers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

R.A. Dickey has struggled at times during the 2017 season but, for the most part, the veteran right-hander has returned value on his contract with the Atlanta Braves. In fact, there has already been speculation that the club wants him back for 2018 and, considering they have a team option, it is entirely up to them in a contractual sense.

However, Dickey will be 43 years old soon and, as you may expect, retirement is a possibility for a player (even a knuckle-baller) of that age. To that end, Dickey tossed something of a gem on Thursday in what will be his final home start of the 2017 season and, after the fact, he may have hinted at retirement.

(via Charles Odum of the Associated Press)

"I'd be lying to say I didn't have some emotions about it. This could be my last start ever at a home venue. But we're going to make that decision at the end of the season and see how I feel and what goes on there."

Beyond the emotions from Dickey, who the AJC described as “teary-eyed,” he cited family considerations as a reason he might think to walk away at this point.

"If I did not continue to play, it would be because our family decided it wasn't the best thing. I've dragged my kids all over the world playing baseball for 21 years. You know, there comes a time they deserve their dad to be around."

It should be emphasized that there is nothing official in here and these comments were made in the heat of the moment following a strong performance. Still, it doesn’t take much to think that a pitcher with Dickey’s stature in the game might walk away given his age, even if it means leaving several million dollars on the table.

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