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The Braves have signed Brian McCann

Welcome back, B-Mac

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I am sure today’s news will be taken reasonably and without any hot takes.....yep.

The Braves found themselves not just wanting to upgrade at catcher, but NEEDING another catcher when Kurt Suzuki signed a two-year deal with the Nationals recently. Atlanta was able to sign Tyler Flowers to an extension, but he is not a full-time catcher and the Braves were pretty clearly on the lookout for options behind.

Well, they found one....and you might remember him.

We don’t know the specifics of McCann’s deal with the Braves, but with Bowman’s follow-up reporting that he passed up more lucrative offers to come back to Atlanta, it is safe to assume that he isn’t going to be breaking the bank. External from all of the nostalgia that we are likely going to be feeling with B-Mac back in the fold, as part of a catching platoon with Flowers that is not likely to break the bank, this is a fine signing.

Now that being said, McCann coming back to Atlanta is going to be a very popular move amongst Braves fans that remember just how good McCann was for a long time. McCann is a seven-time All-Star and spent the bulk of his career with the Braves until he hit free agency and went to the Yankees in 2014. After three seasons in New York, McCann joined the Houston Astros and won a World Series title in 2017. Now in the twilight years of his career, McCann gets to come back home to Atlanta.

In 14 seasons in the major leagues, McCann has slashed .263/.338/.454 with 270 home runs. During the 2018 season that saw him dinged up with injuries, he posted a .212/.301/.339 line with seven home runs in 63 games.

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