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Fanpost Friday: Your Superstitions and Rituals

Whoever has a shrine to Nick Markakis, step right up and claim your prize.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Just like that, the season is in full swing... and it’s Friday already. If you’re ready for a full-on weekend of baseball (although there’s no game on Sunday, which is just strange), take a moment out of celebrating and consider this Fanpost Friday prompt.

This week, we want to hear about your baseball superstitions and rituals. Baseball is full of these sorts of routines, both for players and for fans. So, what’s yours? A lucky jersey? A favorite armchair? Underwear? Scratching your dog’s left flank when Freddie Freeman comes up to bat? Tell us about it: how it started, why you kept doing it, what effect it has on the universe at large.

I brought this up because mine is already over: I always free up and block off the time for the Opening Day game, regardless of what else is happening. In some ways, this isn’t that weird, because I watch most of the games anyway. But, in particular, I make sure I’m there able to soak in all of the Opening Day action, and yesterday did not disappoint. A funny story about that is that the one time I kind of failed at this was 2010, when I was running late getting off of work, and asked my wife to DVR the game so I could catch up. But, she failed to operate the DVR even while having the right channel selected, so I walked in the door to see Jason Heyward rounding the bases. Since then, it’s been a redoubled effort to watch all of Opening Day in full, no matter what else is on the schedule.

But, that’s me. What about you? Surely there’s something more exciting than “watching baseball” that you do, whether it’s once a year, once a game, or once every time Nick Markakis hits a walkoff home run on Opening Day.

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