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Video: The Freeze......lost?

The Braves’ secret weapon took his first L today

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves found gold with an between-innings promotion called “Beat the Freeze” which features, usually, some hapless Braves fan who is given a head start before “The Freeze” (who is an actual world-class track athlete) runs them down and beats them....usually.

The Freeze has taken a few losses in his young, but storied career...usually because too much of a head start is given. Well, The Freeze took his first loss of the season today.

While The Freeze’s opponent’s running form left something to be desired, it was clear that he had plenty of a head start and hat tip to him not fading down the stretch. Predictably, the Braves’ press corps was pretty devastated.

And friend of the blog, Grant McAuley, had an interesting nugget to add regarding The Freeze this season which may blow your mind and making placing wagers on Freeze races trickier.

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