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Fanpost Friday: Your numero uno change to baseball

Give Bryce Harper goat feet, or actually make replay functional? It’s up to you.

MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Angels Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another edition of Fanpost Friday. For this prompt, get as crazy as you want with the responses. We encourage it.

You’re walking along the street one day, and you see a baseball that’s rolled under some bushes. You pick it up, and a genie that looks strikingly like Rob Manfred wafts into being. It offers you the chance to make one change, any change, to baseball. (And no, you can’t make the change be “Change it so I have the power to make infinite changes to baseball.” What’s wrong with you?)

What do you wish for? Lightning to strike Bryce Harper? For the Nationals to move back to Montreal? Un-juiced baseballs? Even more juiced baseballs? Or, something mundane and realistic, like making the replay system non-terrible?

It’s up to you — make a fanpost about it, and tell us what would happen as a result. I’m particularly interested in any monkey’s paw slash unintended consequences you foresee as a result of this change... and if you don’t foresee any, I’m sure someone else will. Here are some of my ideas, but they aren’t, and shouldn’t be, yours. I can’t quite decide which one I’d use if I only got one choice, though.

  • Moving towards an automated strike zone (I read this in a Fangraphs/Hardball Times article, where how it would work would involve two pitch-tracking systems and the home plate umpire, and the majority rule of ball/strike would be the actual call. That way the umpire can be the swing vote between two systems, but can’t overrule both systems at the same time.)
  • Fixing replay by having someone responsible for watching each games and correcting calls “live” without the need for challenges and the ridiculous “standard of evidence” system.
  • Getting a new broadcast team for the Braves.
  • Making Opening Day a federal holiday (March/April really need one, anyway, and Columbus Day is both kinda dumb and unnecessary with September having one and November having two).

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