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Fanpost Friday: Acuña dreaming

For this week’s Fanpost Friday, tell us where Ronald Acuña Jr. will end up... and why.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. But, more importantly, happy first Friday with Ronald Acuña Jr. as a member of the Atlanta Braves. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is over for Braves fans, and now can begin for the rest of baseball in earnest, for the Destroyer of Baseball hath come to town.

In keeping with this joyous occasion, this week’s Fanpost Friday prompt asks you to tell us what is going to come of all this. Of course, you have no way of knowing; he’s played all of two games. You’ve got a tiny sample (what is this? a sample for ants?), a modest minor league track record, scouting reports, and multiple jugs of excitement. Combine those, and tell us Acuña’s destiny. In two games, he’s already made his impact felt: scoring tying runs, driving in go-ahead runs, mashing massive moonshots, leveraging his speed, and so on.

Specifically, the prompt is: where does Ronald Acuña Jr. end up, and why? Note that it’s open-ended. “End up” could refer to this season, the next five years, or his career. You can use counting stats, you can use rate stats, you can ignore stats altogether and tell us that he ends up selling RVs in Osceola County, Florida — though please don’t do that, life is depressing enough. It’s up to you. Don’t just tell us the end point, though. Tell us why that’s your belief. His bat speed? Your belief in prospect rankings? His newfound ability to orient his hat correctly on his head? The fact that you hate prospects and hype? You tell us.

Go forth and Fanpost, and then enjoy being wrong as Acuña does something unexpected every day for the rest of his career. It’s the best part of baseball.

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