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Is this where Dansby was injured?

Dansby’s numbers took a turn after this play

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves
Dansby Swanson on the night in question
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I set out to answer the question, “are the umpires out to get the Braves?” But I feel that the issue was raised and then discussed in the comments of Demetrius Bell’s must-read yesterday. The meat has already been picked clean on this particular content bone.

But in my brief look at this, I ran across the play that could have put Dansby Swanson on the DL. Then I remembered Ivan pondering whether Dansby might have been playing through an injury when it was announced that he would be shelved.

I ran across this play from April 20th versus the Mets. Josh Ravin gives up a double in the top of the 12th to Asdrubal Cabrera. Yoenis Cespedis scored. Cabrera could make third base but inexplicably stops and returns to second. Dansby catches Cabrera sliding back to the bag with a leaping tag. Cabrera is called safe. Is Dansby’s wrist out?

Dansby’s tag

Swanson’s appears to land awkwardly on the point of his wrist here.

Dansby’s tag

The Braves challenged the call at second. It was correctly overturned. But Dansby’s left wrist took a hit and was DLed fourteen days later. Swanson was slashing .342/.381/.544 with 150 wRC+ through this game. Afterward he was .171/.237/.171 with 15 wRC+ until the DL stint. After this game, his exit velocity took a step back (h/t Ivan).

Exit velocity before and after

So there it is, the mystery of Dansby Swanson’s wrist. Probably not a mystery, as Dansby and the staff likely were aware. The good news is that his downturn may be a brief issue and he can go back to killing baseballs upon his return. And it looks like injures are the only thing that can stop this lineup.

And as for umpires my overall conclusion is that they are poor but not malicious versus the Braves. If you want to make a contrary fanpost about it, I encourage it and will suggest that and Baseball Savant are great resources. And if you want to suggest how to fix replay, please do so because it leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully one of these ideas will include Sam Holbrook being launched to Five Points by a Georgia Tech engineered trebuchet never being allowed to umpire third base in Atlanta again.

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