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Anthopoulos discusses the possibility of Kimbrel, plans for the offseason, and more in recent A-List Q&A

Could the Braves bring Kimbrel back home?

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One of the benefits of becoming an A-List member is an invitation to private events, such as Chalk Talk with Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos this past weekend. This one hour session hosted by Braves Radio Network host, Jim Powell, gave Braves fans the ability to directly ask questions about the team and his future plans.

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Anthopoulos confirmed that we will be looking at Kimbrel at the end of the season as well as any other big money relievers. Although they will be looking into these options, it may not make sense. This will be dependent on what our needs are and where we are in terms of spending at that time.

Off-Season Spending

When asked about our off-season spending, Anthopoulos said that the Braves have plenty of money. Terry McGuirk, Braves CEO, told Anthopoulos to not worry about the press and don’t worry about salary; decide who you think will be a good move and we will do it. Anthopoulos explained that he doesn’t see the Braves building like the Yankees in terms of spending. He sees us as a mid-size market.

Trading Prospects

In regards to trading prospects, Anthopoulos explained that it has to make sense for a long-term player rather than a utility player or 4th outfielder for example. We will be aggressive, but will not be aggressive when trading young talent unless it is a good option.


Anthopoulos stated that Mike Soroka is getting at least 2 more starts (although this has recently been updated with the news that he will remain in the rotation and Sanchez will be in the bullpen when he returns from the DL). In terms of Anibal Sanchez, he is only at 80%. The purpose of bringing pitchers up and down is to keep fresh arms in the bullpen. He noted that they do believe Max Fried can be a long term starter.

Team Leader

When Alex Anthopoulos was first hired, he spoke to Ender Inciarte about who he viewed as their team leader. Ender told him Nick Markakis was the leader, stating “if you’re a teammate of his, you don’t want to disappoint him”.


When asked about the promotion of José Bautista, he simply stated that he thought we were lacking in the infield at the time.

In discussing this event with season ticket holders of two other MLB teams, I realized how lucky we are to have this type of access and fan interaction. If you have any questions about A-List Memberships visit or sent me a tweet @slmsolo.

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