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Fanpost Friday: If the Braves lose to the Orioles, you will _____?

Let’s tempt the baseball gods.

Atlanta Braves v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

This weekend is a strange time. The Braves (half a game behind the Brewers for the NL’s best record; sixth-best record in baseball) are playing host to the Orioles (worst record in baseball). On paper, this series should be a gimme for the Braves. But baseball is never as it is on paper (that’s the fun, and the frustration, of it).

So, for today’s Fanpost Friday prompt, we want to hear how confident you are in the Braves in this series. Or, alternatively, how disparaged you will be if the Braves don’t come out of the weekend as winners. Will you pull out the fainting couch? Will you rend some garments, such as Braves jerseys? Will you burn Brian Snitker in effigy?

You can define “lose” in this case however you want. One game? Two games? All three games? The moral loss of not outscoring the Orioles by 10+ runs collectively? It’s up to you.

Also, before you make some overly bold claims... you should be aware that while the Orioles are indeed awful, they have actually won five series this season. What’s more, their season record against the Yankees, who currently have MLB’s best mark, is actually 3-3. So, you know, just be wary. Wouldn’t want you to make any promises you couldn’t fulfill.

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