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Fanpost Friday: Draw a bullpen flowchart

Yes, draw. Not type. It might be helpful

MLB: Atlanta Braves-Media Day Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, you. It’s Friday. This seems like a good Friday for drawing, right? Or at least moving shapes around.

The Braves’ bullpen has been the cause of recent consternation. Some of that consternation is really about the bullpen itself, but it’s been an okay bullpen. The bullpen is currently 14th in fWAR, 19th in ERA, 15th in WPA, 13th in Clutch, and 16th in avoiding blown saves. See, it’s been okay. The bullpen usage, though, that’s been hotly contested.

So, help a team out. Draw a bullpen flowchart. There are a lot of relievers, and they’ve got all sorts of complicated splits, and trust levels, and facial hair, and stuff. How do you think the bullpen should be used?

And yes, draw. I guess I can’t stop you from writing text, but just imagine — you could live on in Braves-internet infamy forever with a perfect, succinct image. Isn’t that something every child wants?

Here’s some oldie-but-goodie inspiration.

Now go get out those napkins/pads of graph paper/Powerpoint/etc.

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