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2018 MLB Draft: Braves Day Three Open Thread/Tracker

We are now at the rapid fire portion of the draft where teams will get the majority of the players they will select throughout the entire draft, although there will be few names that will be immediately exciting.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We have come to day three of the 2018 MLB Draft which is the high pace version where names are just rattled off left and right and after several hours, 30 rounds of names will eventually be called. This is the portion of the draft where you will see draft and track picks where signing a player is never really considered realistic and many will sign for $125K and see if they can exceed expectations.

Before we go on, here are a couple of links to get you caught up on what went on yesterday.

Talking Chop Podcast - Draft Breakdown

Summary of the Braves’ Day Two Draft Picks

This thread will serve as the tracker for the Braves’ picks today, although fair warning as it will be updated intermittently due to the pace of the picks and the fact that we have been neck depth in the draft over the last....well, a while and may have to attend to other things like day jobs, eating, etc. However, it will be updated so make sure to check back as well as to discuss the picks as they come out in the comments.

Round 11 - Jake Higginbotham, LHP, Clemson

Round 12 - Nolan Kingham - RHP, Texas

Round 13 - Brendan Venter - 1B, Auburn

Round 14 - Victor Vodnik - RHP, Rialto HS

Round 15 - Greg Cullen - 2B, Niagara U

Round 16 - Ty Harpenau - RHP, Texas Tech

Round 17 - Justin Dean - CF, Lenoir-Rhyne

Round 18 - Cameron Kurz - RHP, UC San Diego

Round 19 - Zach Daniels - RHP, Iowa

Round 20 - CJ Alexander - 3B, State College of Florida Manatee

Round 21 - Tanner Lawson - LHP, St Edwards

Round 22 - Ray Soderman - C, Oregon

Round 23 - William Woods - RHP, Dyersburg State CC

Round 24 - Rusber Estrada - C, Faulkner University

Round 25 - Michael Mateja - 3B, North Central College

Round 26 - Zach Guth - LHP, Harford CC

Round 27 - Zach Seipel - RHP, Univ. of Minnesota - Crookston

Round 28 - Derek West - RHP, Pittsburgh

Round 29 - Ray Hernandez - 3B, Alabama State

Round 30 - Mitch Stallings - LHP, Duke

Round 31 - Gabriel Rodriguez - OF, Miami Dade CC South

Round 32 - Tre Harris - OF, Missouri Columbia

Round 33 - Mason Berne - 1B, UNC Wilmington

Round 34 - Zack Hess - RHP, LSU

Round 35 - Logan Brown - C, Southern Indiana

Round 36 - Victor Cavalieri - LHP, Houghton College

Round 37 - Alex Camacho - RHP, Vanguard University

Round 38 - Franco Aleman - RHP, Alonso HS (Florida)

Round 39 - Jack Perkins - RHP, Kokomo HS (Indiana)

Round 40 - Micky Mangan - C, Pinecrest Academy

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