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Fanpost Friday: Your favorite late-round draft pick

After 40 rounds, can you really be sure that YOU didn’t get drafted?

Braves fan

First, the Draft was upon us. Now, it is over, and the time for hunting down news about who signed, and for how much, has come.

That seems like a good time to reflect on who exactly has been picked — and not just the big names, but the similar-sized-but-less-recognizable ones that were added to the ledgers on Draft Days 2 and 3. So, the prompt is simple: tell us about your favorite late-round draft pick. You can interpret that however you wish — what “late round” means, whether he’s a Brave or not, whether he was drafted this year or not — that’s all up to you.

People love underdog stories, and these guys are almost certainly underdogs. So the more of that flavor you infuse in your fanpost, the better.

By the way, did you know that Tyler Flowers was a 33rd-round pick? And look at him now. Tonight’s Braves’ starter, Brandon McCarthy, was chosen in the 17th round.

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