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Home Run Derby results: Bryce Harper defends his home turf

Freddie Freeman hits 12 homers but comes up short against Harper.

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper turned in a spectacular performance in his home park to capture the 2018 Home Run Derby Championship. Harper hit 19 home runs in the final round to best the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber by one.

Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman hit 12 home runs but was defeated by Harper in the first round.

We have the entire event live blogged below. If you want to start from the beginning then scroll down and work your way back up.


Bryce Harper (19) def Kyle Schwarber (18)

The Finals are set with Harper squaring off against Schwarber who will be up first.

With two timeouts in the final round, Schwarber signaled for one early at the 2:50 mark with five homers already on the board. Of those five, two cleared 440 feet giving him the 30 second bonus. After four more homers, Schwarber took his second timeout at the 1:49 mark.

Schwarber would crank it up down the stretch and end regulation with 17. He still has his bonus round to go. Feels like he may need 20 to have a chance against Harper.

He would add one more homer in the bonus 30 seconds to finish with 18.

Harper has hit 13 in each of the first two rounds. Lets see if he can crank it up to 19 in the finals.

Harper got off to a slow start in the finals taking his first time out at the 2:38 mark with just four home runs. He took his final timeout at the 1:20 mark after hitting five more to bring his total to nine. He did hit a pair of homers over 440 feet to secure the 30 bonus time at the end.

Harper rose to the moment down the stretch finishing his round on a streak to tie Schwarber with 18. He just needs one in his bonus round to secure the derby championship.

It took him just three swings in the bonus round to launch his 19th home run to give Harper the win.

Second Round

Bryce Harper (13) def Max Muncy (12)

Three left handed hitters left in the competition. Muncy will be up first.

Muncy would launch seven home runs before taking timeout with 1:53 remaining. However, none of his seven have gone over the bonus distance of 440 so that could play a factor in the end. Muncy would find a bit of a rhythm but appeared to tire down the stretch as he finished with 12.

So Harper needs 13 to advance which is the number he hit during the first round.

Harper started slow but came alive in the middle of his round launching seven homers in a minute including three over 440 feet to earn his bonus time. He has 10 home runs at the 1:33 mark and needs just three more to advance.

It didn’t take him long after the timeout launching home runs on his first three swings to advance to the finals.

Kyle Schwarber (21) def Rhys Hoskins (20)

Hoskins and Schwarber will kick off the second round.

Hoskins got off to a very fast start with two of his first four homers going over 440 feet to secure the bonus time at the end of the round. He would take his time out at the 2:04 mark with an impressive eight homers.

Hoskins would catch fire over the final two minutes banging out 11 more homers to finish with 19 at the end of his round with 30 more seconds coming. He’d add two more in the bonus round to put up a event-high 21.

Schwarber has his work cut out for him but he got in a groove launching 12 before taking his timeout at the 1:32 mark. He needs one more of more than 440 feet to secure his 30 seconds bonus time.

Schwarber earned his bonus time with his 14th home run but didn’t need it as he finished the round on fire with 21 homers to advance to the finals.

First Round

Bryce Harper (13) def Freddie Freeman (12)

Here comes Freddie Freeman who was greeted by a chorus of boos at Nationals Park. True to his word, Freeman worked the middle of the field for six home runs before taking his time out with 1:55 remaining. He would add six more to finish his round with 12. Good showing!

Now for Harper who is the final contestant of the first round.

Harper wasted no time getting into a groove. He hit eight homers in the first 1:40 including two over 440 feet to earn his 30 second bonus time. Harper finally took time with 1:36 remaining with nine home runs. He needs just four to advance and still has his bonus time to play with.

He’d get them with 26 seconds to spare to advance over Freeman. Six of Harper’s 13 home runs were more than 440 feet. Impressive round.

Max Muncy (17) def Javier Baez (16)

Next up is the 3-6 matchup between the Dodgers’ Max Muncy and the Cubs’ Javier Baez.

Baez has 19 home runs this season and will be up first. He would start slowly but heated up securing his 30 second bonus round early with a pair of blasts that cleared the 440 foot mark including one that checked in at 479 feet.

Baez took his timeout with 1:58 remaining with a total of six homers. He would finish strong wrapping up regulation with 14 homers before entering his 30 second bonus round. Baez would add two more homers and finish with a total of 16.

So Muncy needs to beat 16 to advance.

Muncy certainly got off to a good start hitting eight before taking his timeout at the 1:56 mark. He put on a show from there launching nine more with 30 seconds to spare to advance on to the second round.

Kyle Schwarber (16) def Alex Bregman (15)

Next up is the 4-5 matchup between Alex Bregman and Kyle Schwarber.

Schwarber is up first and his first homer is an absolute bomb to right. As impressive as his homers have been, they haven’t been frequent and he takes his timeout at the 2:29 mark with four homers. After the break, Schwarber got locked in with 10 more for a total of 14. His last one was measured at 450 feet giving him two over 440 and a bonus of 30 seconds. He added two more to his total in the bonus round to finish with a total of 16.

So far hitting second hasn’t been an advantage as Hoskins and now Schwarber have put up big numbers. We will see what Bregman can do here.

Nice start for Bregman who has seven homers at the 2:04 mark where he takes his timeout. He has none longer than 440 feet so he is going to need to get on a roll here over the last two minutes.

Bregman finished with a flurry with an impressive run but came up just short finishing with 15. His final shot caromed off the wall in left center securing the win for Schwarber.

Rhys Hoskins (17) def Jesus Aguilar (12)

Our first matchup of the evening pits Milwaukee’s Jesus Aguilar against the Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins. Aguilar is the top seed in the event with 24 home runs, Hoskins is the eighth seed with 14. Lets get this thing going.

Chris Truby pitching to Hoskins who is up first. Hoskins gets off to a bit of a slow start but has five home runs when he takes his time out at the 2:05 mark. After the rest, Hoskins found his rhythm launching 12 more for an opening round total of 17.

Now for Aguilar. 17 is a big number but Aguilar is impressive physically. After hitting seven at a deliberate pace, Aguilar took his time out with 1:34 remaining. He needs 10 more to tie Hoskins.

Aguilar adds five more to his total but finishes with 12. So we have a first round upset with the eight seed Rhys Hoskins advancing to the second round over the one seed Jesus Aguilar.

We are about 20 minutes from the start. Here are a couple of interviews Freddie Freeman earlier today on participating in the derby.

Freddie is looking to outperform Chipper and figures he will hear plenty of boos since he is facing Harper in the first round.

Freddie Freeman will represent the Atlanta Braves in the 2018 MLB Home Run Derby tonight at Nationals Park. The event is set to begin at 8 p.m. ET and can be seen on ESPN or via the Watch ESPN app. We will be providing live round-by-round coverage of the event so be sure to refresh the page for updates.

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