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Fanpost Friday: The Braves will win X because Y

With about 60 percent of the season in the books, it’s mad-libs time.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So, July hasn’t been awesome for the Braves. But, there’s still some time left. Actually, kind of a lot of time! It seems weird, but the Braves actually have a little less than 40 percent of their season still to go.

So, with that in mind, it’s prediction time for Fanpost Friday, but with a twist — I’m thinking mad-libs, basically. Fill in the following: “The [2018] Braves will win _____ because _____.”

Now, the linear thinkers among you may think this is a wins prediction. And wins predictions are great. If you want to say, “The Braves will win 84 games because that’s probably what’s going to happen” and then spend the rest of your fanpost explaining why, great. But, we encourage you to get creative. “The Braves will win a one-game playoff for the second Wild Card spot because of a Charlie Culberson walkoff homer,” perhaps? Or, “The Braves will win three Silver Sluggers because Ronald Acuña Jr. will catch fire in August,” or even, “The Braves will win the honorary award for most agony caused to their fans with a protracted slide out of playoff position that lasts three months because life is meaningless and full of pain.” It’s up to you!

Just make sure to explain why, because reading predictions is fun, but reading the thought processes behind what went into them is even better. Now go forth and mad-libs prognosticate.

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