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Sean Newcomb apologizes for offensive tweets

After nearly throwing a no hitter, Sean Newcomb had to play damage control due to some old tweets of his resurfacing.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the age of social media, what one says can come back and haunt you years after you post something. Josh Hader found this out during this year’s All-Star game as several, less-than-enlightened things he had posted on Twitter came to light.

Sean Newcomb found this out the hard way today. Late in the game on Sunday. screenshots of tweets he had posted several years ago where he was using homophobic and racial slurs began circulating on Twitter. His response to the situation came shortly after the game.

It is unclear at this point as to whether or not the team plans on issuing any further statements about the matter or take any further action. While it does seem true that Newcomb’s tweets (as far as we are aware) weren’t quite as bad as Hader’s, they were insensitive and offensive. What happens from here on out (both in the public eye and in the clubhouse) remains to be seen.


The Braves have released a statement regarding Newcomb’s tweets.

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