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Talking Chop Roundtable: What will Atlanta’s outfield look like on Opening Day?

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Who will join Inciarte and Acuña in Atlanta’s outfield?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest points of contention for many fans this offseason is that Atlanta has yet to fill their outfield vacancy. There is still time mind you, but several free agent targets have come off the board and a trade has yet to materialize. So today’s roundtable topic is. What will the Braves’ outfield look like on Opening Day?

Who will be Atlanta’s starting outfielders on Opening Day?

Ivan: Ender Inciarte, last year’s National League Rookie of the Year, and of course, the real question is about the third spot. So let’s say someone really random, like Scott Schebler.

Eric: Ender and Acuna seem to be locks (you could have convinced me of a situation where Ender got traded early in the offseason, but that seems incredibly unlikely now). For the third spot, I don’t think the Pollock rumors are all smoke and no fire, so I will place my bet there although I do so with little confidence. Nick Markakis coming back is a real possibility, especially if the Braves do something like trade for Realmuto and/or acquire a starter.

Gaurav: I will be bold: Ender Inciarte, Ronald Acuna, Bryce Harper.

Scott: Acuña, Ender and Markakis. (Although I do think the Braves eventually add Realmuto and remove some of the sting from falling short of landing a better right fielder.)

Demetirus: Acuña, Ender are locks. I hope that they can actually add someone like Pollock to round that out so we can all be happy. With that being said, we’ll probably see either Duvall or Markakis in right field.

ABsinceWayBack: I expect Inciarte, Acuña, and some young cost-controlled outfielder not named Haniger.

Dillon: Acuna, Inciarte, and Corey Dickerson. The Pirates have been quiet with regards to adding for 2019, and in a division with so much firepower they would likely benefit more from a package of prospects rather than one year of Dickerson.

Wayne: Ender, Acuna, and Markakis. He’s a nice fall back if nothing happens. Plus, Acuna can play two fields.

Doc: Ender, Acuña, and A.J. Pollock. In a perfect world, Bryce Harper is roaming RF with a tomahawk across his chest next year (and regardless what is being reported nationally, I wholeheartedly believe the Braves are taking a long hard look at what it would take to add him), but I think Pollock would be a robust consolation prize - and a preferable alternative to a reunion with Nick Markakis. If AJP can stay healthy, that is a tremendous outfield.

Kris: Well Ender Inciarte and Ronald Acuña Jr. are locks but that third spot is still pretty unclear. I think it is very doubtful that the team would go into the season with Adam Duvall in a full time role. I think they would at least seek another player that could be paired with Duvall in a platoon situation. A.J. Pollock is still out there and that is who I will be hoping for. With each passing day though it feels like a reunion with Nick Markakis becomes more likely. That isn’t the worst possible outcome but it will feel like they missed an opportunity to really upgrade a position.