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Braves officially reveal uniform tweaks for 2019 and beyond

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The Braves will have a slightly refreshed look for the upcoming season.

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One of the main attractions for Chop Fest 2019 was the unveiling of new, refreshed uniforms for the upcoming season and beyond. The Braves have made some extremely small changes to their uniforms over the years, but this was a bigger deal than usual since the Braves were making slight-but-noticeable changes to most of their uniforms and were also revealing two brand-new(ish) uniforms as well.

The unveiling has come and gone and at first glance, you have to figure that we’ll all be happy with how the Braves look from a uniform standpoint.

Here’s a quick rundown of each uniform:

Primary Home: Unchanged, as it should be.

Primary Away: Script logo on the chest is slightly modified in order to match the home script logo.

Friday Home: Not too different from red jerseys from the past, but this time the white outlining on the piping has been removed.

Blue Away: The script logo and numbers are now red. Light gray piping has been added as well.

Sunday Home: Added piping on the sleeves.

As I expected, most of the changes came via the alternate uniforms, but seeing them make changes to the road alternate was a pleasant surprise. They promised a “refresh” instead of a revamp and that’s what we got here. The two primary uniforms are thankfully unchanged for the most part and the alternate uniforms all received a bit of a boost from the refresh, as well.

My personal favorite is the Friday red, as it’s proof that a simple change can go a long way towards making a uniform look better. I’m sure that the new blue jerseys should go over well too, since there’s plenty more color and red-on-blue just looks a lot better than blue-on-blue.

Which one is your favorite, though? You’ve got five to choose from now, so the Braves definitely won’t have a boring look when it comes to uniform choices.