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Braves land four prospects in Keith Law’s Top 50 list

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Braves have three pitchers in Law’s Top 30.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves were well represented with five prospects in Part 1 of Keith Law’s 2019 preseason Top 100 list. Part 2 dropped Wednesday morning and the Braves again have a strong showing with four more prospects inside the Top 50.

As was mentioned yesterday, these lists are a subjective undertaking but it is interesting to see differing viewpoints and the reasoning behind them. Below are the Braves prospects that Law ranks in his Top 50.

No. 22 - Kyle Wright - RHP
No. 26 - Touki Toussaint - RHP
No. 30 - Ian Anderson - RHP
No. 45 - Cristian Pache - OF

The big takeaway here is Atlanta’s impressive pitching depth with three inside the Top 30. Law has been high on Kyle Wright since before he was drafted and projects him potentially as a No. 2 starter in the majors. He cites that Touki Toussaint made as big a leap as any Braves’ prospect in 2018 and says Ian Anderson may have most upside of any of Atlanta’s pitching prospects.

The Braves have a total of nine prospects in Law’s Top 100 which is a very solid showing. The minor league system may be starting to thin out in the lower levels but Atlanta still has a number of high level guys that are knocking on the door.