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The Daily Chop: Alex Anthopoulos speaks, Josh Donaldson and more

Alex Anthopoulos and Brian Snitker addressed the media Thursday.

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Grapefruit League Media Availability

When the Atlanta Braves were eliminated in the 2018 Division Series against the Dodgers last season there was a feeling of disappointment but also that it was ultimately ok because many felt they had arrived early. After dropping Game 5 on Wednesday, the disappointment remains but a lot of the positive vibes have disappeared. I’m writing this 24 hours after the fact and this loss still hurts about as bad as it did yesterday. That will subside at some point and our attentions will turn to the offseason and 2020 but for now the pain is still there.

The day after elimination players clean out their lockers and set off for their various offseason destinations. It also brings one final press conference to put a final bow on the 2019 season. Brian Snitker and Alex Anthopoulos addressed the media on Thursday and discussed a myriad of topics including if there was anything they would change if they could, the decision to hold Mike Soroka until Game 3 and the pending free agency of third baseman Josh Donaldson.

Donaldson had himself quite a season in Atlanta. The Braves struck early nailing him down on a one-year $23 million deal in November. By the time spring training opened many had forgotten how much of an impact signing that was. For the first six to eight weeks of the season social media and comment sections were filled with hypothetical trade scenarios to send Donaldson elsewhere for usually bullpen help. After hitting 37 home runs, and producing 4.9 fWAR while displaying much better than advertised defense at third base, Donaldson won over the fanbase.

Atlanta want’s to retain Donaldson for next season but doing so will require a much greater financial commitment for a player who will turn 34 in December. Anthopoulos told reporters that he thinks Donaldson will want to remain with the Braves but again we will just have to wait and see if both sides can reach an agreement.

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“Several years ago, I promised our loyal fans that I would do everything in my power to bring a world championship team to our city,” Middleton said in a statement. “I will never waver from that commitment. During the second half of this season and continuing into this week, I have evaluated our organization extensively, a process that included talking to many people both internally and around the league. Reassuring to me was the endorsement that people outside the Phillies gave to the progress we have made recently, both organizationally and on the field. Nevertheless, with the knowledge that I have gained from my evaluation, combined with my personal reflection on the 2019 season, I have decided that some changes are necessary to achieve our ultimate objective.”

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