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Freeman, Acuña expected to be “100 percent” for NLDS


Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If you were really worried that the Braves wouldn’t have their lineup at full strength when the National League Division Series kicks off tomorrow afternoon, maybe this will help:

The two sluggers represent a huge part of the expected damage-dealers and win-probability-aggregators for the NLDS. Freeman ended his season with a 138 wRC+ and 4.0 fWAR, but suffered a bit of a power outage towards the end of the year, with just two homers in September, both hit on September 1. It was the first time in over year that he had a calendar month with just two or fewer longballs (August 2018). Acuña finished the year as his team’s fWAR leader with 5.6, though his 126 wRC+ represented a bit of a stepback from his phenomenal Rookie of the Year campaign in 2018. While Acuña struck out a ton in September (33.7 percent, career high for any calendar month), he still hit pretty well (117 wRC+) and mostly just got unlucky, as he had a scaldingly-good .424 xwOBA (.359 wOBA) over his last 86 PAs.

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