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The Cranky “Braves lost in the playoffs” vent thread

For all your venting needs.

MLB: MAR 29 Phillies at Braves Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Look, I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life. The Braves lost. If the NLDS was a one-game lightning round, they would have lost faster. If it was a three-game series, they would have won. If it was a seven-game series, tonight would have been annoying, but they could have won the next two games to advance. Instead, it’s a five-game series, which means that their 13-1 shellacking ends their season. Oh well, so it goes.

But if for some reason, for you, at this point in time, so it does not go, consider this your vent thread. We won’t hold the stuff you say here against you (unless it’s particularly odious), and I, for one, am not planning on correcting the various nonsense potentially likely to be posted in here with contradictory evidence. Have fun, or don’t. There are going to be lots of places and lots of posts to discuss the good parts of this season, the upcoming offseason, and the trajectory of this franchise, but if you really just want a place to unburden yourself of your baseball feelings, this is it. Knock yourself out!

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