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Players Association to launch investigation into Alex Anthopoulos comments on free agency (UPDATED)

Give me a break.

Grapefruit League Media Availability

The MLB Players Association is upset with comments Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos made during a conference call earlier this week and will launch “an immediate investigation looking into the matter.”

Here is what Anthopoulos said – as you see, it’s harmless – and the MLBPA’s response to it.

The Players Association is not happy with the current shift in front office thinking as free agency, particularly for older players, has become a risky proposition. Many scribes around baseball have written about the combative nature between the players and ownership, and this will only stoke the fire that much more as the offseason begins.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic chimed in with this nugget as well:

It seems unlikely Anthopoulos or the Braves will face any repercussions for saying what he did, but it is bound to become a thing nonetheless. We will update this post if anything else comes of this ground-breaking “story.”

UPDATE - Alex Anthopoulos issued a statement in response to the comments made by Tony Clark.

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