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Riley, Camargo, and Cervelli come back to lineup as Braves face Phillies

Johan Camargo is back in the starting lineup and he’s playing in right field. Utility!

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The lineups are out, so let’s not waste anymore time. What will both teams look like for the second game of this four-game series?

Here’s the Braves:

Hello, Johan Camargo! The right field spot is currently fluid (at least until Nick Markakis gets back from injury) and we’ve seen some different faces in that spot. Camargo is one of those faces, as he’ll be using his utility ability to roam right field for tonight’s game. Austin Riley gets the start tonight in his usual left field spot. Also, Francisco Cervelli is back in the lineup after spending some time on the bench. As usual, the top four should set the tone for the rest of the squad but the bottom half of the lineup is starting to look solid again as well. It’s a pleasant sight to see!

Here’s the lineup for the Phillies:

There are plenty of changes made to the structure of the lineup, but there are also plenty of familiar faces from last night’s game. I’m guessing that’s probably a reflection of Gabe Kapler trying to counter the Braves putting a lefty out there. There’s also a very distinct possibility that this could also just be Kapler doing Kapler things. You’ll have to check out The Good Phight (I know, I know) to get a better idea of what’s going on.

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