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Braves News: Veterans, Culberson, Acuña, and more

Will the Braves be able to resign their expiring veterans, most notably Josh Donaldson and Dallas Keuchel?

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Inbox: Do Keuchel, Donaldson figure into future?

Mark Bowman looks ahead to the offseason, who will replace Charlie Culberson on the playoff roster, and more.

Keuchel and Donaldson are established veterans whose resumes should be considered complete once the regular season comes to an end. If they extend their success into the postseason, you could argue this would increase the possibility of the Braves gaining additional revenue, which then could be used to re-sign either of these veterans.

Culberson out for remainder of season with multiple facial fractures

The Braves will be without Charlie Culberson for the remainder of the 2019 season, including the postseason.

Ronald Acuña Jr., then and now

Ivan looks at how Ronald Acuña has developed this season, including his means of production. The production value is relatively similar, but the way in which it comes has changed, as Ivan notes.

The point is, none of these developments really sound like they apply to someone who’s gone from a 143 wRC+ to a 124 wRC+, but that’s what’s happened. With the league’s offense improving overall, a drop given Acuña’s maintained performance isn’t surprising, but a nearly 20-point wRC+ drop seems steep, and it is. Folks expecting a 120s wRC+ output for him going forward may be underselling him a bit given the adjustments and improvements he’s made this season, even if the results don’t show it.


Ankle sprain may end Rizzo’s regular season

The Cubs may be without one of their best players for the remainder of this season.

Ranking 2019 rookies based on long-term value

This crop of rookies has been great, but which ones have the best outlook.

Kapler: ‘You’ll see our best’ in late September

Bold strategy, Gabe.

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