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Freddie Freeman to miss next couple games with elbow discomfort

The Braves will be without their star first baseman for their trip to Kansas City.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the last week or two, Braves fans far and wide were understandably concerned that Freddie Freeman was revealed to be dealing with a bone spur in his elbow that was causing him problems. It was later revealed that Freddie has been dealing with the spur for a couple of years now and it just flares up every once in a while. He was back in the lineup as per usual and it seemed as though everything was fine again.

Flash forward to today’s game against the Giants where Freddie was clearly favoring his arm again and speaking with the Braves training staff. He would later be pulled from the game for Francisco Cervelli. We now know a bit more.

The good news here is that it sounds like this is just another flare up and with some rest, Freddie should be back in the lineup. The other good news is that the Braves have two days off this week which will give guys even more rest leading up to the playoffs and will certainly be beneficial to Freddie’s elbow. Given that the Braves have also clinched and seem all but locked into the two seed, they can afford to be cautious here.

However, there is some cause for concern. Freddie has not looked particularly good at the plate of late and this is his second flare up of said bone spur recently. Hopefully this will not carry on into the playoffs.

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