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2019 NLDS schedule and start times have been released

We finally know when the Braves will be playing later this week....kinda

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we discovered that old friend and infield fly rule enthusiast Sam Holbrook will be the crew chief for the Braves’ series against the Cardinals which could result in the ultimate revenge or could, well, not be good.

However, the news that most Braves fans have been waiting for has been what the expected start times for the NLDS games are going to be. Many of us had postulated that, given the markets involved, the Braves were going be playing the earlier games. Now, we sort of know the official answer.

The start times for the Braves game with be either 5:02 pm EST if the Nationals win the Wild Card game or 6:02 pm EST if the Brewers win it. This is likely just to accommodate for travel of the two different teams and/or allow for their respective markets to actually watch the games.

So you guys can stop asking us what the start times for the NLDS are because we (kinda) know now.

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